Game Designer, Writer, Visual Artist

Hi! I’m Starshine!

I’m a queer creator who adores fiction, art, tabletop RPGs and board games in all their forms!

Since I was a kid I’ve always loved creating and making things that are weird and wonderful!

Right now I post things on several sites, and this site acts as place to catalog all of them!

I'm a big fan of Dungeons and Dragons, especially 5th edition!

I love creating things that give players fun new options to play with as well as resources that help DMs make their worlds feel more alive!

Latest Release

I make original ttrpgs and board games.
I'm a big fan of games that don't use dice, as well as games that have a strong social and improv aspect!

Latest Release

I've been a visual artist for many years.

Photography was my first love and I still love to capture the world with my camera.

I'm especially interested in photographing things that show the overlap between the human world and the natural world.

I’ve always been fascinated with nature and its complexity. While at first glance natural spaces may seem simple and monolithic, the more you look the more complex they become with each little detail being the result of many different interconnected processes.

I like to use unusual angles in my photography to encourage people to look at nature with fresh eyes and to display and catalog these small and often overlooked complexities that make up our natural world.

I’ve lived in many different places in my lifetime. And while every urban space is similar in concept they often differ wildly in execution.

Urban design is always changing and often acts as a record of where we have come from as well as a hint as to where we are going.

Many large urban centers seamlessly mingling their past and present through both their structures and the details on those structures and I try and capture this in my pictures.

The natural and human worlds interact in many different ways. Sometimes these relationships are destructive and other times they are symbiotic

"Intersect" is a series of pictures where I explore small ways the natural and human worlds interlink.

From deliberate human management of nature to nature slowly encroaching on human
constructions, this series is designed to shine a light on places where the two worlds are visibly interlinked in ways that most people simply ignore.

I write articles and original fiction.

At the moment, most of my writing is hosted on Medium or on my personal blog.

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The Oregon Alien Incident - A story about a strange UFO sighting, a mysterious hypnotist and a crooked sheriff.